Scoring dough bread

Automatic scoring dough bread machinery

AUXPAMA specializes in solutions for Scoring (cutting) bread dough with Blades or Water

Reliability and precision of movement cutting, automatic height adjustment of the blades, different shapes of cutting and high productivity are some of the features of our machines.

Scoring Bread Technologies

All our machines for Scoring bread dough can work with BLADE or WATER. The current market trend is water cut



Use waterjet systems for Scoring bread dough. By using pressurized water and special nozzles perform incisions in the dough in a fast and dripless avoiding the risks of the blades. Ability to perform multiple drawings cutting (Scoring Type)



Blades used for cutting the dough. The system regulates the cutting height of the blades automatically depending on the height of the loaf always getting the same depth of cut. The blades are wet and cleaned every cut tray


Scoring Type

Depending on the machine configuration and  we can make different Scoring Type:



Our Machines

AUXPAMA Solutions for Scoring bread dough  are designed to work with different models of machine:

CorSER – Automatic scoring of bread dough with manual tray handling.
CorCAR – Automatic scoring of bread dough with automatic tray handling (Racks – Trolley)
CorLIN – Scoring of bread dough solutions for automatic lines

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