SSS – Smart Scoring System for Bread

AUXPAMA presents an Smart Scoring solution that locates the position of the bread in the tray to always offer a perfect cut

One problem – One solution

AUXPAMA has successfully made a new scoring solution (scarification) for an automatic line using a new Smart Scoring System ensuring a precise cut in each bread.

The problem

After performing a water cut test, the customer decided on this technology for the automating the cutting (Scarification) in their automatic bread making lines.

The problem was in the position of the bread on the tray. Due to manufacturing conditions, the bread did not have a regular position and could be located in different ways in the tray channel.

The solution

The challenge was complicated as 5.5 trays per minute had to be cut with an irregularly deposited bread.

For this, it was decided to design a new vision system that allows locating the position of the bread in the canal and then making the cut just in the exact position of the bread.

The new solution has convinced the client that it has already commissioned 4 more machines with this technology for its current lines and new projects underway.

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