New Dough Moulder F4.0

With the new Dough Moulder F4.0, AUXPAMA offers a robust solution designed to work on rolled bread lines in the production of bread and baguettes.

The objective of this new design is to be able to make a smooth and progressive form of the bread for low stress of Dough thanks to its 3 courses of formation (pressure boards).


– Entrance conveyor belt
– 5 Lamination rollers
– 3  courses of formation (pressure boards)
– Depositing system – photocell controlled pneumatic flap system
– Independent Variable Speed speed for roller forming conveyor belt routes
– Position of height of the 3 pressure boards. Adjustable independently
– Variable Speed Flour Dusters
– Touch screen for data control and visualization
– Integration in any line

The new Dough Moulder F4.0 is the ideal complement for the new generation of AUXPAMA bread automatic lines