DesCAR – Depanning bread trays in rack

Automatic depanning bread trays in rack with automatic handling

DesCAR is an automatic system for the Depanning bread trays in Rack (Troelly) to a conveyor belt.

After positioning the rack, system takes the tray from the rack and use a rake-pusher ( Multirake depanner) to removes the bread from the tray and depositing it on a conveyor belt

The system allows limiting the efforts of the rake-pusher in case the bread is very stuck in the tray, preventing damage the trays

There is also the possibility of a buffer of 2 racks for automatic racks exchange






Machine features

  • Automatic tray handling
  • Multirake depanner
  • Motorized rake-pusher
  • Depanning rakes instantaneously interchangeable
  • Reception belt for depanned products
  • Touchscreen with 50 programs
  • Limiting the efforts of the rake-pusher