AliCAR- Bakery rack loading and unloading

Bakery rack loading and unloading with automatic trays handling

AliCAR is a solution of automatic bakery tray handling for feeding production lines. Unload + Load trays in racks (Trolley)

After positioning the rack system takes the empty tray and introduced to the line. Once the product has been placed on the tray, the same system gets filled trays to the rack. When loading a rack with trays of product is complete, the system releases rack to make the change on the other with an empty tray.

Design adapted to customer requirements: Rack, Trays, final line …

There is also the possibility of a buffer of 2 racks for automatic racks exchange




Machine features

  • Automatic tray handling
  • Unload + Load racks
  • Design adapted to customer needs
  • Touchscreen with 50 recipes handling speeds
  • Option 2 racks buffer for automatic racks exchange (4 Sec)
  • Option of loading and unloading of trays in different positions
  • Fast, accurate and silent movements
  • Tray: Channel, flat, Peelboards, Wooden boards, Tins
  • Feed Retractable Conveyor