Intelligent Machine Maintenance

AUXPAMA presents a new service that facilitates maintenance work , Automatic notification of machine maintenance periods

All machines need to perform good maintenance and, above all, preventive maintenance that avoids unscheduled shutdowns that may have a great impact on production.

With the Cloud-Notify service, AUXPAMA uses the real machine data (operating hours, movement distances, consumptions) to be able to alert maintenance personnel of the appropriate preventive maintenance periods of the machine.

The Cloud-Notify function helps in this work of controlling preventive maintenance periods for maintenance personnel and it is the machine itself that will notify you when they should be performed.

Before completing a maintenance period (for example, change of single-axis bearings), Cloud-Notify sends an email to maintenance personnel and the AUXPAMA spare parts service to indicate the actions to be carried out. Once the system is done, it records when it has been carried out, which allows traceability of the tasks performed.

Cloud-Notify allows maintenance personnel to have better control and historical maintenance work performed on the machine.