DESCAR – Automatic Depanning of Racks

AUXPAMA has just installed a new bakery trolley depanning system. The system automates the process of depanning the trays of the trolley, offering a better cadence and saving efforts for the operators

Different mosaics

In this project it was important to be able to unmold the exit belt in an orderly manner. For this, a system was designed capable of depanning the product from each channel row by row.

In the case of 1000×800 trays in each channel there could be 1, 2 or 3 breads, so the system must go row by row (See video) the bread to the output belt without accumulating. From the screen you can configure the number of downloads for each tray.

Thrust force control

The system also allows to control the force of the push of the bread, if in any tray the bread is very stuck, the push system detects it and proceeds not to depanning that tray.

For more information on AUXPAMA Depanning Bread Racks (trolley) systems

Bread Depanning