Bread production line Integrated safety

AUXPAMA incorporates to its bread production lines the latest safety technologies for people

AUXPAMA continues its close collaboration with its supplier of automation systems Omron to integrate the latest automation technologies into their bakery machines.

AUXPAMA has implemented all the security systems (emergency stop, door opening, safety barriers) of its bread production lines to Sysmac control systems through the EtherCAT network

This new technology allows the integration of security within the control system improving productivity up to 20%.

In addition, the new system allows more efficient management of emergency and safety shutdowns, including all the requirements of the current machinery regulations

The AUXPAMA bread production lines integrate all the necessary elements for a high production and versatility of products:

Pre-Proofing Chambre, Moulding, Intermediate rest, Streching System,  seeding, automatic deposit in tray, tray cleaning,automatic load and unload trays for rack (trolley)

Omron has published this technological advance worldwide highlighting the improvements of the AUXPAMA lines

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