Automation of a bakery factory

AUXPAMA completes a new automation project for a new bread factory where the handling of trays is carried out automatically

The new project manages to automate the processes of a bakery when working with Racks (trolley) avoiding the manual handling of trays.

The project consists of an Automatic Line for the manufacture of bread, an AliCAR robot for automatic loading-unloading of trays and a CorCAR-AQUA for cutting with water from cars.

Although it is a factory where the customer works with racks, it has managed to automate the all manufacturing process to not have to handle trays

Bread Automatic Line

With the new line 4.0, the customer has managed to automate the whole bread making process that was previously semi-manual.

It offers the possibility of manufacturing different types of bread, from Baguette to smaller pieces.

The line also has an integrated tray cleaner, simplifying the task of brushing and cleaning trays.

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AliCAR Rack Load & Unload

The customer works with large trays, 1000 x 800 mm so manual manipulation by operators can become tedious.

It was decided to install the AliCAR robot that automates the loading and unloading of trays in the line so that an operator is no longer needed to carry out this work.


CoCAR – Rack Scoring

For the scoring bread has been chosen water. AliCAR is a cutting theft with automatic tray handling

Once the operator introduces the rack the system removes and cuts the trays quickly. The system allows different types of cutting.


DesCAR – Racks Deppaning

The next phase of the project will be the installation of the DesCAR solution that automates bead depanning of the rack.

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