Advantages scoring bread dough with water

Scoring (Cutting) bread dough with pressurized water is a strong current in the bakery and pastry industry, here we explain its advantages

At present, Scoring (Cutting) bread dough with pressurized water is a strong trend in the bakery industry which in many factories is replacing traditional method of scoring with blades.

This technique of Scoring (Cutting)  bread dough with water has been used for years, but we are currently experiencing a “bum” of its use. Bakery of all types and sizes are implementing them in their production processes.

There are many advantages to the process, here we explain some of them:

Greater security

Until the arrival of water, the cut of the bread dough  had been made with blades, this implies a source of risk and contamination of the bread since some blade can be broken and deposited in the bread.

This implies having a metal detection system and a risk factor if any contaminated product reaches the market

When working with automatic bread scoring machines is an important point to keep in mind.

The cut with water does not have any dangerous element that can contaminate the bread or damage the operator when using the cutting machine since the cut is made with water, but with a pressure that can not damage.


The scoring bread dough with water allows to scoring automatically a very irregular bread dough obtaining a perfect incision regardless of the shape of the bread.

This is a great advantage when making the cut automatically since we get a perfect cut regardless of the regularity of  formed bread

More cutting types

Cutting with water gives us a greater variety of cutting types, we can make any type of cut: inclined, straight, crossed (X) spike, circles etc. in a much easier way than with blade.

This opens new horizons of more elaborate products and of a greater value added

Easy to use Scoirng (cutting) machines

The water cut is easier to use for the operators since it does not have to handle mechanical elements or blades with the consequent risk.

The AUXPAMA bread dough Scoring machines have 50  configurable recipes and are easy to operate in an intuitive way.

Most economical consumables

The only consumable we need is water, in many cases water mains conveniently treated to decalcify it.

Compared to the cost of blades it is quite cheaper.

At AUXPAMA we can help you in your transition to water cutting since we have the experience and the machines that best fit your process.

From simple bread scoring machines for a manual process (with and without accumulation), automatic scoring bread for rack (trolley) and for large automatic production lines.

For more information know our solutions of Automatic scoring dough bread machinery

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