CorLIN – Scoring bread automatic lines

Automatic Scoring Dough for automatic bread lines.

Automatic Scoring of bread dough for medium and large brad production automatic lines.

The AUXPAMA Scoring solutions allow to be installed in any automatic bread making line

Like all AUXPAMA bread dough scoring solutions, Blades or Water technology can be used.


Independent solutions to the rest of the production line and suitable for lines of trays, board and loaders.







Mas info:

Machine features

  • Adaptable by study and design to any production line
  • Scoring with blade or water (Also hybrid solution)
  • Touch screen with 50 cutting recipes
  • Different types of cut depending on the configuration
  • Fast, precise and silent movementss
  • Solutions tailored to our customers
  • Tray: Channel, flat, Peelboards, Wooden boards, Tins
  • Communication with production line