Automatic bread line

Bread and baguette automatic production line.

Automatic industrial line for the production of bread and baguette.

For a production of 2,500 Baguette hours, 5,000 half Baguette or equivalent in portions hour: 1 bread divided into 4 pieces = 10000 Pieces hours

The AUXPAMA automatic bread lines have a Pre-Proofing chambre of balls for 500g or 1000g and variable resting time.

Once the Baguette has been formed in the Moulder, it is possible to rest with variable time before the streching system

The streching system is flexible and allows the manufacture multi product.

All the forming plates are motorized and positioned according to the selected recipe.

The line allows the complete cover of the bread with seeds once formed.

Automatic deposit of bread in trays with accumulation of trays at the entrance and exit










Machine features

  • Multi product line
  • 2500 baguette / hour
  • Touch screen with 50 working recipes: Speeds of tapes and position of forming plates
  • Possibility of working with automatic tray feeding from rack
  • Possibility of incorporating tray cleaner
  • Corrugated trays, flat or wooden boards